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Two blokes, upside down and many miles from home, talk about popular culture. And unpopular culture too. Books, music, films, the news, what we had for dinner last night.. everything is fair game.

About Only A Podcast

Born out of time on our hands during lockdown, a vague feeling that we were missing out on something and the realisation that our voices didn’t sound too bad once we’d set up our mics, phones and speakers, we put an end to procrastination and got on with the job.

So here we are.. lots of hot reckons about all sorts of topics, but probably not politics (but who knows, everything’s political eh?), in an easily accessible format, on apps you probably already use.

It’s just like you’re down the pub with us. So get a round in, and join in the discussion.

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Or thereabouts. Often-ish.

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Latest Episode

Episode 12 – Oscars Slap, New Dog, Digging Archaeology

This episode we mull over happenings from the news: Taylor Hawkins RIP, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, and Bruce Willis' decision to retire. If you want to protest Putin's invasion of Ukraine, is it a good idea to play Russian compositions? Pop archaeology series Time Team is back, in really good shape, and free to watch, as is the Milked documentary about the dairy industry. We recommend music...

Recent Episodes

Episode 007 – The James Bond Special

In which we explore the world of James Bond, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig and all points in between. Who has played James Bond more than anyone else? The answer may surprise you. Are the best Bond villains called Chris? Who is the best James Bond, and the best...

Episode 6 – The Beatles Get Back Special

In which we talk about The Beatles Get Back documentary, wax lyrical about our favourite moments (Billy Preston, Mal Evans, Maureen Starkey and more!), and give a bit of context to it with a chat about how the Fab Four came to be in that situation, and what happened...

Episode 5 – Character Actors and Abandoned Books

In Culture Catch Up this episode: the songs of Scottish singer/songwriter Jackie Leven, a tip for the Christmas number one (it's not Adele), recommendations for The Dig, and TV series Ted Lasso and Criminal: UK, plus a brief review of American Dirt, by Janine Cummins....

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