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Two blokes, upside down and many miles from home, talk about popular culture. And unpopular culture too. Books, music, films, the news, what we had for dinner last night.. everything is fair game.

About Only A Podcast

Born out of time on our hands during lockdown, a vague feeling that we were missing out on something and the realisation that our voices didn’t sound too bad once we’d set up our mics, phones and speakers, we put an end to procrastination and got on with the job.

So here we are.. lots of hot reckons about all sorts of topics, but probably not politics (but who knows, everything’s political eh?), in an easily accessible format, on apps you probably already use.

It’s just like you’re down the pub with us. So get a round in, and join in the discussion.

New Episodes Fortnightly

Or thereabouts. Often-ish.

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Latest Episode

Episode 13 – You Lucky People

Is the number 13 lucky or unlucky? Do we care? The Captain falls down the YouTube wormhole of Justin Hawkins, appreciates hard rockers The Darkness, and discovers "18th century aristocratic" metal band The Upper Crust. Also on the Captain's stereogram this week is country-pop singer Maren Morris. He doesn't quite remember the  UK government-mandated evening switch-off of TV in the 50s, but it...

Recent Episodes

Episode 10 – Everything is Philosophy..

..Philosophy is Everything! We keep it short but go deep in this episode. What would it really be like to hear music for the first time? Should you attempt to influence your children's taste in music? They should only listen to GOOD music, right? Where do they find...

Episode 8 – The Vinyl Examination

In which we discuss the rise and fall and rise of vinyl, or records, as we used to call them. Can you stand all that snap, crackle and pop? Are CDs and streams "better"? What is good sound? Is vinyl really "analogue"? Buying records without a turntable - what's all...

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