Episode 45 – Te Wa Tuku Reo Māori

by | Sep 16, 2023 | 0 comments

We may not be the best at Māori Language Week but we are enthusiastic about it, and discuss it!

We talk about the responses to last episode’s question “Do musicians listen to music differently to non-musicians?” The Captain appreciates good translations of novels that are not originally written in English, referring to the crime novels of Fred Vargas. Taskmaster NZ Series 4 is complete – bring on Season 16 of the UK one! ElTele is racing ahead with The Traitors UK, and is solidly into the new Alan Partridge podcast.

And if you’re a WordPad user, we have bad news.

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Reo Māori official site

Fred Vargas biography (Wikipedia)

From the Oast House Series 3 – Alan Partridge (YouTube)

All 172 Tasks on Taskmaster NZ Rated (The Spinoff)

The Traitors UK trailer (YouTube)

Taskmaster UK season 16 trailer (YouTube)



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