Episode 6 – The Beatles Get Back Special

by | Dec 1, 2021 | 0 comments

In which we talk about The Beatles Get Back documentary, wax lyrical about our favourite moments (Billy Preston, Mal Evans, Maureen Starkey and more!), and give a bit of context to it with a chat about how the Fab Four came to be in that situation, and what happened afterwards. The clothes! The arguments! The small matter of some of the greatest music ever made!

Listen now! (contains spoilers)


Some Beatles links for you to explore:

Get Back official trailer

Revolution in the Head – The Beatles Records and the Sixties, book by Ian MacDonald

The Captain’s Revolution in the Head Spotify playlist – every Beatles song in order of recording, based on the above book

The Beatles: All These Years – Mark Lewisohn’s huge project to document The Beatles. Volume One (Tune In) is complete

The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions – Mark Lewisohn lists the sessions in forensic detail

You Never Give Me Your Money, by Peter Doggett. Book about the break-up and aftermath of The Beatles

Let It Be – Super Deluxe Edition (Spotify)



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