Episode 35 – We Are Normal and We Want Our Freedom

by | May 26, 2023 | 0 comments

Why is it that well-off famous people want to appear normal? The Captain has had enough of it! He revisits a classic album from 2006, Howe Gelb’s Sno Angel Like You. We listen to friend of the podcast Katie’s new music show, and discuss how two more listeners would Downsize.

El Tele finishes off lots of TV series, and touts the new album by Lottery Winners, featuring many special guests, and completes John Cooper Clarke’s autobiography. We talk briefly (geddit) about men’s pants and regrettably say goodbye to some giants : Smiths bassist Andy Rourke, Martin Amis and Tina Turner.

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Katie’s Tally Ho New Zealand music show (Fresh FM web site)

Howe Gelb – Nail in the Sky (from Sno Angel Like You) (YouTube)

Lottery Winners ft. Shaun Ryder – Money (YouTube)

Lottery Winners ft. Frank Turner – Letter to Myself (YouTube)

John Cooper Clarke – Kung Fu International (YouTube)

Peter Hook interviews John Cooper Clarke – BBC Chain Reaction (BBC)

Shackleton – the Greatest Story of Survival trailer (YouTube)

The Smiths – Barbarism Begins at Home (YouTube)

Ike & Tina Turner live at Playboy After Dark (YouTube)

Tina Turner – Whole Lotta Love (YouTube)

Tina Turner obituary (The Guardian)

Martin Amis obituary (The Guardian)

Kevin Keegan “I will love it!” rant (YouTube)


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