Episode 32 – Music’s Most Important Day?

by | Mar 24, 2023 | 0 comments

In a packed programme tonight, we explore some anniversaries – was one of them the most important day in music history? A new animated series re-imagines Elvis as a secret agent, but could it have actually happened? Some random facts popped up since the last episode, casting a bit of light on the band Joboxers, the TV series Happy Valley, and a strange thing seen on an advert.  Finally, we visit one of the best rock and pop channels on YouTube and continue the jazz odyssey. Nice.

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Beat Club – German pop/rock show (YouTube)

Charmian Hughes Comedy (YouTube)

Please Please Me – full album (YouTube)

When Elvis Met Richard Nixon (Smithsonian Magazine)

Agent Elvis trailer (YouTube)

New Order – Blue Monday – Top of the Pops 1983 (YouTube)

Joboxers – Boxer Beat – Top of the Pops 1983 (YouTube)

Happy Valley Series 3 trailer (YouTube)

Anchor NZ milk ad (YouTube)



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