Episode 24 – The Definite Article

by | Sep 23, 2022 | 0 comments

Which ageing rockers have still got it? Find out who we still rate now they’ve reached a certain age. How come certain band names are mispronounced, even by fans? Don’t add the “THE” if it’s not needed! Why does this happen?

We talk about bands which feature Pretenders guitarist James Walbourne. El Tele resumes his affair with the works of PG Wodehouse, in chronological order, and we discuss why some books don’t “stick”.. it’s not always failing memory! The Captain digs into Bob Mortimer’s biography, which coincided with the resumption of Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing.

YouTube “must sees” include Beatles recreators The Analogues, Rita Ora and a Kate Bush classic, and Joshua Lee Turner. El Tele checks out Stuff by Mark on Instagram.

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Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse Gone Fishing channel (YouTube)

The Analogues White Album performance (YouTube)

Rita Ora – Running Up That Hill (YouTube)

Josh Turner Guitar (YouTube)

Stuff by Mark (Instagram)

Entrapped official trailer (YouTube)


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