Episode 20 – Can we fix it? Yes, we can. Sometimes!

by | Jul 29, 2022 | 0 comments

We reveal answers from the OAP community on pop stars who changed genre, and have more comments on the best film soundtracks of all time. Keep them coming, folks! El Tele is still going strong with Only Murders in the Building, and Rod Stewart’s biography. The Captain reviews two biographical films: Benediction, about poet, WW1 soldier and pacifist Siegfried Sassoon, and Whina, the story of Maori activist and icon Whina Cooper.

We say farewell to artist Claes Oldenburg, who made “big art stuff”, and we learn that New Zealand has quite enough of that sort of thing already!

Prompted by The Captain’s mild obsession in YouTube maker channels, we talk about our successful renovation and repair jobs. How often can you do that these days? When was the last time you fixed something? Let us know. Also, we’d like you to investigate something: is the second-last track on an album the worst one?

To end, we explore the speed at which time passes in popular culture.

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Baby Driver official trailer (YouTube)

Benediction official trailer (YouTube)

Whina official trailer (YouTube)

Claes Oldenburg sculptures in pictures (The Guardian)

List of Big Things in New Zealand (Wikipedia)

Laura Kampf maker channel (YouTube)

Edd China’s Outspan Orange Mini (YouTube)

Dominic Chinea maker channel (YouTube)


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