Episode 19 – Chopstick Chat and Films of Books

by | Jul 15, 2022 | 0 comments

We fought valiantly against bad network connections and awful weather to bring you our thoughts! A Bob Dylan jukebox musical theatre show.. it’s an unlikely idea. Did the cast of Girl From the North Country impress The Captain? El Tele has a problem – eating with chopsticks? What’s all that about? The Captain knows what he prefers to eat with too.

El Tele has found another series to slump onto the sofa and watch, and listens to a new podcast starring Jim Moir and Morgana Robinson. Prompted by El Tele’s viewing of How To Build A Girl, we delve into a discussion of film adaptations of books. Do they disappoint or delight? Let us know. Another question that’s bugging us.. can you think of any pop stars who went on to be well respected in other music genres?

We say farewell to James Caan and Monty Norman (mentioned in our James Bond Special), and ask you for a favour, dear listeners.

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Girl From the North Country musical – trailer (YouTube)

Gilbert and George at Auckland Art Gallery

Al Murray’s Great British Pub Quiz playlist (YouTube)

Curl Up and D.I. podcast launches

How to Build a Girl trailer (YouTube)

Shakespears Sister – Stay ( YouTube)

The Godfather part 2 – James Caan (YouTube)


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