Episode 10 – Everything is Philosophy..

by | Mar 3, 2022 | 0 comments

..Philosophy is Everything!

We keep it short but go deep in this episode. What would it really be like to hear music for the first time? Should you attempt to influence your children’s taste in music? They should only listen to GOOD music, right? Where do they find their music these days? If you were a time traveller, would you experience things anew?

We name some classic albums that have less than satisfactory production by today’s standards. Recommendations this episode are the new second series of Rose Matafeo’s comedy drama Starstruck, and British singer Lola Young (with a sidestep into the rise of female artists in general over the last few years). We introduce you to the strange and baffling world of siren battles, and the peculiar taste in music of those youth culture warriors.

And if you click the first link on a Wikipedia article, and keep doing that on the pages it takes you to, where do you end up?

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Lola Young – So Sorry (YouTube)

Starstruck Season 2 trailer (YouTube)

Peaky Blinders Ultimate Recap, featuring Guz Khan (YouTube, spoilers)

Killing Eve Season 4 trailer (YouTube)

Vintage film of Procol Harum – A Whiter Shade of Pale (RIP Gary Brooker) (YouTube)

Siren Battles, Auckland’s underground street music (YouTube)



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