Episode 13 – You Lucky People

by | Apr 13, 2022 | 0 comments

Is the number 13 lucky or unlucky? Do we care? The Captain falls down the YouTube wormhole of Justin Hawkins, appreciates hard rockers The Darkness, and discovers “18th century aristocratic” metal band The Upper Crust. Also on the Captain’s stereogram this week is country-pop singer Maren Morris. He doesn’t quite remember the  UK government-mandated evening switch-off of TV in the 50s, but it did happen.

We are reminded that Gilbert O’Sullivan has one of the saddest songs of all time. El Tele slumps in front of the television after moving house and watches Married at First Sight Australia (!?), introduces his kids to Kath & Kim, and lines up a possible future episode on being a vegan.

And why is Bradley Walsh always on the television, amongst a cavalcade of crap?

Listen now!

Triskaidekaphobia (Wikipedia)

Married at First Sight Australia (link doesn’t work)

Justin Hawkins Rides Again (YouTube)

The Upper Crust – We’re Finished with Finishing School (YouTube)

Gilbert O’Sullivan – Alone Again Naturally (YouTube)

Maren Morris – Humble Quest (YouTube)

The 6 p.m. UK TV Blackout, 65 years ago (The Guardian)



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