Episode 8 – The Vinyl Examination

by | Jan 29, 2022 | 0 comments

In which we discuss the rise and fall and rise of vinyl, or records, as we used to call them. Can you stand all that snap, crackle and pop? Are CDs and streams “better”? What is good sound? Is vinyl really “analogue”? Buying records without a turntable – what’s all that about? HOW MUCH do records cost these days? Record Store Day: the British do like to queue! Subtle and not so subtle digs at the extreme hi-fi community and record company marketers abound. Tune in!

Plus our regular Culture Catch Up. We say farewell to Meat Loaf (RIP), and feature music from Hamish Hawk, Agnes, Elvis Costello and St. Vincent, the Summer of Soul documentary, Dopesick, Toast of Tinseltown, and the I Am The Eggpod podcast.

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Meat Loaf live on the Old Grey Whistle Test (DailyMotion)

Hamish Hawk, live at Wide Days (YouTube)

Agnes – 24 Hours, from the album Magic Still Exists (YouTube)

Elvis Costello and the Imposters – The Boy Named If (YouTube)

St. Vincent – Daddy’s Home (YouTube)

Summer of Soul official trailer (YouTube)

Dopesick official trailer (YouTube)

Toast of Tinseltown official trailer (YouTube)

I Am The Eggpod Beatles podcast

Timi Yuro – What’s A Matter Baby (Spotify)



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